Blogger gets into trouble in Texas

More and more bloggers are getting arrested. A blogger was arrested in Texas as a part of a lawsuit. Ordered to turn over the laptop the defendant claimed that the laptop had been stolen. The judge did not believe her and had her jailed. The lawsuit arose from defamatory comments made by the blogger. While the law differs on electronic free speech in Texas, it’s leading to lawsuits. (link)

The attending police officer believed that the robbery of the laptop had been staged hence leading to the jail time. Which equalled 4 days in the slammer. Next step? Turn over the laptop since the jig is up or further jail time? If the laptop was indeed legitimately stolen there’s not much the blogger can do. However the timing does seem suspicious. Perhaps I’ll lay off the rants for now.


June 1, 2009. Tags: , , . blog, blogging.

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  1. xenophilicx replied:

    Sounds like I need to wash my mouth out with soap.

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